The Economy, Season 1

Frostbird January 22, 2023

Insights on betting and the new era economy.


The Coldness Bounty

Dargo January 9, 2023

Three months ago, two SIBR members announced that they would pay anyone who figured out how Coldness worked.


A Fall Ball Analysis

LaserMessiah January 9, 2023

Before games began, we took a look back at Fall Ball to answer all of our burning questions: Which teams got lucky? Who was in the Black Hole? Where's Castillo Turner? Could we predict which teams would be good?


What to expect from SIBR on the Return

Erin Stille, @ErrantlyErin January 9, 2023

With the re-return of Blaseball on January 9th, there's a big question of how SIBR will handle it. The short version is: we have no clue.


The Gang Reverse-Engineers the Beta Sim

beiju January 9, 2023

A not-so-concise summary of SIBR's research into the inner workings of the Beta sim based on cracking the RNG, and a few select discoveries.