SIBR Project Directory

The following projects are hosted on the SIBR servers or a SIBR subdomain:


Blaseball by Telnet: Why wouldn't you want to connect to Blaseball by Telnet?


before: do you remember before? before replays Blaseball from any moment recorded by the SIBR archives.

Blaseball Playoff Status: Blaseball Playoff Status breaks down the current season's playoff race status and magic numbers (number of wins or losses to lock in positions) for every team. Brought to you by @Mixolyde on Twitter.

Blaseball Wiki: The Blaseball Wiki is the largest source of crowdsourced information for Blaseball on the Internet. We collect both official data from the game as well as fan-created lore and fiction. A reference for blaseball. As of Season 12, uses the Datablase as its data source.

Blases Loaded (#blases-loaded): Blases Loaded is a website and mobile app for live-viewing Blaseball games in a format that may feel familiar to those who follow baseball, with native mobile support.

Chartographer: Tool for comparing teams against each other in the current season

Faculty Homepages: Meet the faculty!

Grindrail: scoreboard for the grindrail

Hloroscopes: plot how players' stats change over time

Levels: graphs each team's "imPosition" over time

Linescore: linescores for each game

Onomancer: Crowdsourced blaseball names

Reblase: Comprehensive archived games viewer built partially using the datablase!

Renovations: Tool to display all stadium renovation possibilities.

Squid: Tool for simulating and taking screenshots of the Hall Monitor, the Coin, and other NPCs.

The Stadium Viewer: Tool to render blaseball stadiums based on their renovations + mods

Tome: Tome shows the results of each player's at bat and basic pitcher performance stats (e.g. number of strikeouts) in a given game

Vibe Check: Vibe Check plots player vibes by day based on our knowledge of the vibe formula.

Whichtool: A guide to finding which project you want