Falsehoods Programmers Believe about Blaseball

  1. There are four bases.
  2. A strikeout is three strikes.
  3. A walk is four balls.
  4. Scores are a positive number.
  5. Scores are an integral number.
  6. The game ends when a team is mathematically unable to win.
  7. All games start 0-0.
  8. The first pitcher in the rotation starts in Game 1.
  9. There are 9 players in a batting lineup.
  10. Teams have an equal number of players.
  11. All batters in the lineup bat.
  12. All fielders bat.
  13. Pitchers pitch for a full game.
  14. When players die, they’re dead for good.
  15. Rookies are brand new players.
  16. Stat changes only happen after the Election.
  17. Roster changes only happen after the Election.
  18. Roster changes don’t happen during games.
  19. The pitcher must throw the ball.
  20. A team’s name won’t change.
  21. A team’s name won’t change mid-season.
  22. Espresso is a type of coffee.
  23. A player’s name won’t change.
  24. Two players can’t have the same name.
  25. A player will exist on the field in only one place at a time.
  26. A player name will consist of exactly two words (this false assumption applies outside of Blaseball, too).
  27. A player name will consist of at least two words.
  28. A giant peanut shell can’t field the ball.
  29. A pitcher will never hit the batter with a pitch.
  30. A player’s OPS cannot possibly be higher than, like, 4.
  31. A game’s pitcher can be determined by rotation[day % 5].
  32. A game’s pitcher can be determined by rotation[(day % 5) + 1] beginning in Season 7.
  33. Teams must score at least one run to win.
  34. A pitcher is awarded with a shutout when the opposing team scores 0 runs.
  35. There are 5 pitchers in a pitching rotation.
  36. Each team gets 3 outs in an inning.
  37. A batter or runner must leave play when an out is called.
  38. A batter will swing once per pitch.
  39. Only one baserunner can be on a base at once.