… What’s Blaseball, exactly?

We recommend reading the unofficial but semi-official Blaseball FAQ to answer that question and many more outside SIBR’s scope. Further questions can find a serious answer in #beginner-help on the official Blaseball Discord.

What does SIBR do?

The Society peeks behind the curtain of Blaseball. We archive game data and work on projects to display and analyze that data. Often, as part of our work, we dive deeper into how Blaseball works and try to analyze what consequences our actions will have.

Okay, but what exactly does SIBR do?

SIBR does

  1. Harvest lots of raw data from games as they happen
  2. Process that data and store it in databases
  3. Build tools and sites where fans can view and explore that data
  4. Use all of this data to publish research into the underlying algorithms of Blaseball, and how its unique rules impact play

How do I join SIBR?

You can join the SIBR discord server to discuss the work SIBR is doing, new work you’d like to start or anything else relating to the investigation of the secrets of Blaseball.

To start with, try introducing yourself in our #introductions channel. If you want to start a new project, we discuss some #project-ideas on the Discord. If you want to contribute to existing projects, ask about it in #projects. You don’t need to be particularly experienced in programming, stats, or anything at all– we welcome all comers!

How do I find blaseball tools/APIs/libraries for my specific use case?

You should look at Whichtool, an interactive tool-picker built by Kawa#7680.

Is there a script to vote/bet/etc? Can you help me write one?

No and no. SIBR focuses on read-only data and unauthenticated endpoints, and we ask that others respect the Blaseball community and do the same.

However, we understand that itch. Our advice, if you must: build something for your own self development, but don’t share it or brag about it.

Did somebody say something about salmon?

It’s a long story, so you may want to visit the writeup of the salmon story by Honu.

How do I pronounce SIBR?

It’s pronounced “SIBR”.