By: Erin Stille, @ErrantlyErin Mon Jan 09 2023

What to expect from SIBR on the Return


With the re-return of Blaseball on January 9th, there’s a big question of how SIBR will handle it. The short version is: we have no clue.

SIBR members work on and maintain many tools and services fans frequently use to help aid their Blaseball experience, but we don’t have any more insights on the next era than any other fan. It should be expected that many tools will experience outages when games start again. Several of them will break completely and no longer be maintained for the next era. Without knowing more about what the next era will look like, it’s almost impossible to predict what will and won’t be useful or even possible in the future.

Right now, our priorities are making sure that our archival work will have as little downtime as possible and help support our members to get their tools up and running as soon as possible. All the work in SIBR is done on volunteer time, and that means people won’t be able to immediately update their work. We all have work, friends, families and lives outside of Blaseball and that balance needs to be respected.

With the incoming era, please know SIBR is here to help enrich the Blaseball experience and our members are working hard to do so. If there’s a tool that isn’t being updated anymore, or even a tool that has never existed before, new members can hop in to help. We will do our part to keep everyone up to date on what is back up, what is being worked on and what to expect going forward.